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Discourage the W-position sitting in children. Parents pay attention!

Kids while growing up have a general tendency to develop W-sitting pattern or in common language sitting in a frog style. This habit of our younger ones should be strictly discouraged as it hampers the motor development and other higher level skills required later in life. It also leads to orthopedic problems in further stages.

Look at this video and get a clear view.


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Urinary Tract Infections and Antibiotics: Some points to seriously ponder on.


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I would like all the women folk and young girls on the other side of the screen to read this article published in the magazine Popular Science.

UTIs are one of the common problems that we all have come across. Also, we know that in recent times the antibiotic resistance of the microbial community has dreaded the medical fraternity in some or the other way.  Research has been done that claims that antibiotics have made UTIs to treat a bit difficult. Bacteria being resistant to antibiotics do not flush out completely leading to re-occurrence of the infection, that is, the recurrent UTIs (RUTI). But anti biotic use is not only the sole reason behind RUTIs. There are other reasons too that are cited in the article. Follow the link below.


Its National Nutrition Week.

The first week of September is marked as National Nutrition Week. This year the motto of the programme is Better Child Health, which is very crucial for everyone and especially the expecting and new mums. It is, in fact, necessary for them to know about the importance of proper nutrition and dietary facts for the future generation as well as about themselves which would help in building a healthier and stable society.

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Microscopic cocoons to be protective storehouse for proteins of medicinal importance.

Silkworm micrococoons could be used in biotechnology, medicine

Vaccines for tumors on a new road of success.

Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands has affirmed the potential of tumor vaccines based on Neoantigens (molecules found only in cancerous cells) to be effective in controlling the deadly disease. Though the studies are in initial phases, yet this has surely a long and promising way to go.

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From past several months, I was not active on my blog. The reason being I was enjoying the new bond of love with my firstborn. Though my followers’ list is not long yet for the kind ones who’ve been reading my posts here’s a good news- AM BACK !

I would try my level best to keep posting and updating you with the latest breakthroughs in the biological world, however, the number of posts may be a handful – all thanks to my zestful, perky young boy, nonetheless, I’ll make sure you will enjoy.

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Are we, the new parents or would be parents heading towards a better parenthood??

The ‘new’ generation, our generation, is very cautious and peculiar when it comes to raising our kids, the future generation. But are we going the right way? Please read the following research conducted at the University of Notre Dame. Click on the link below



Curd: A probiotic supplement that help reduce the risk of Breast Cancer.

curd.jpgCurd is known to be one of the best supplements of good bacteria and also for its rich calcium content. It helps improve digestion. Recent studies showed that it also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer as the good health-promoting bacteria it provides with, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus, possess anti-carcinogenic properties.

Noise Logger- A new technique to detect water leakages efficiently

Researchers from the Concordia University, Montreal, have successfully come up with a new system-Noise Logger that would help mitigate the water shortage problem , the world is currently facing.

Gene mutation causing Multiple Sclerosis cracked.


Investigators at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver have cracked down the first gene mutation linked to the occurrence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a neurodegenerative disorder wherein  the immune system attacks the myelin sheath of the nerves which eventually hinders the flow of information between brain and the body. The brain and the spinal cord are majorly affected.

The researchers found a missense mutation of the NR1H3 gene from the families with multiple cases of MS and concluded it to be one of the major reasons for the decreased myelin sheath production.

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