Science and Energy, the two words that drive the Universe!


Scinergy21 brings to you the recent advancements, ongoing research projects and latest studies in the biosciences and health world from across the globe. It also attempts to keep its readers abreast of the technolegal aspects of the related fields.

Scinergy21 also welcomes the invaluable suggestions and comments of its readers so as to help itself to improvise and serve in a more efficient way.

Now something about myself!

Hello guys!

My name is Megha Manoj Machhar. A chubby bubbly girl, a wonderful wife and a mother of a 1.5-year-old handsome hunk. Enough of personal boasting!  Academically I hold a Masters degree in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology and Bachelors degree in Biotechnology, Botany, and Chemistry. Also a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Intellectual Property Rights Law. The icing on the cake- a GATE qualifier both in 2012 in Biotechnology and in 2013 from Life Science stream.

Through this blog, I sincerely attempt to fulfill my quest for learning and passing on the knowledge that I have gained through the journey. This has also given me a wonderful opportunity to hone my writing and communication skills.

Keep Reading, Keep Learning and Keep Passing-the Knowledge!!




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