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Microscopic cocoons to be protective storehouse for proteins of medicinal importance.

Silkworm micrococoons could be used in biotechnology, medicine


Vaccines for tumors on a new road of success.

Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands has affirmed the potential of tumor vaccines based on Neoantigens (molecules found only in cancerous cells) to be effective in controlling the deadly disease. Though the studies are in initial phases, yet this has surely a long and promising way to go.

Back with a bang!

Hello everyone!

From past several months, I was not active on my blog. The reason being I was enjoying the new bond of love with my firstborn. Though my followers’ list is not long yet for the kind ones who’ve been reading my posts here’s a good news- AM BACK !

I would try my level best to keep posting and updating you with the latest breakthroughs in the biological world, however, the number of posts may be a handful – all thanks to my zestful, perky young boy, nonetheless, I’ll make sure you will enjoy.

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