Embarkment of the Earth’s Sixth Extinction Phase.

earth extinction

The Biosphere, zone of life on Earth, colonized by us ,the Homo sapiens sapiens, was created by countless interactions between living forms, rocks and weather. We share the planet with an approximate of 8.7 million different life forms, the major chunk of it being occupied by insects and a quarter (2.2m) species dwelling in water. This figure does not include the bacterial population.

It is estimated that nearly 90% of the species are unknown the scientific world and only 1% of the existing population is monitored by IUCN’s Red List. IUCN. International Union for Conservation of Nature, is a global authority that keeps a check on the conservation status of biological species and IUCN Red List evaluates the extinction risk of species and subspecies. Taxonomists are, therefore, constantly thriving to discover the unknown species.

It seems that the workload of the taxonomists have been reduced as the a number of species are on the verge of extinction. In a report published in the Sciences Advance Journal authored by the scientists from Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley Universities, mentioned that the Earth has entered into the sixth extinction phase. The report  said that the vertebrates were vanishing at a rate of 114 times faster than the normal and humans are also likely to be among the species lost. It also said that a similar event was observed over 65 million years ago when dinosaurs disappeared, most probably as a result of an asteroid (fifth extinction phase).

According to Dr. Niles Eldridge, a known Paleontologist, the reasons behind the first five extinction phases are physical but the reason underlying the sixth extinction phase is rather biotic than physical cause. The above mentioned report also pointed out deforestation, increasing levels of pollution, green house effect, over-exploitation of species, transformation of landscape, etc- all of which are the results of human activities and their interference with the natural phenomenons, to be principle causes of concern.

Therefore, it has become imperative to keep a check on our activities because it is for our actions other innocent species are paying off. Is that fair? Certainly NOT!


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