The EYE Concept


Eyes are one of the finest procreations of the human life. Biologically these are complex and specialized organs of sight. Being complex and specialized they have always been well taken care of. But increasing pollution  and overindulgence in the electronic media have surrounded this organ with intricacies , end result being eyes suffering from numerous infirmities like improper focus, blurring, infections, irritation, etc.

An Italian design firm MHOX has envisaged an ambitious project to fix the above-mentioned hitches. Their proposition involves the replacement of defected eye with the synthetic one, a concept called- Enhance Your Eye (EYE). EYE would entail a 3D bioprinter to fabricate synthetic eyes. 3D bioprinting is used to make biological constructs by proper alignment of cells onto a biocompatible medium layer-by-layer to generate a tissue like 3D structure. This technology have already been used for constructing organs like ears, blood vessels, kidneys, liver but their success rate of functionality is reported to be low.

EYE system would be used only by surgically removing the defected eye and then replacing it with an artificial retina that connects to the brain and would allow users to plug in different eyeballs at will.The lead designer at MHOX intents to develop three different types of eyes. First, HEAL- a synthetic eye similar to the normal eye that would serve to replace the defected eye of the patients. Second- ENHANCE, it would improvise the normal vision and also enabling filters on visions similar to those on photoshops like vintage, black and white, etc. And thirdly-ADVANCE, which would have additional glands to capture what a person is seeing and sharing those images also via wi-fi connection.

The firm predicts that EYE would be on floors by 2027 but its success is uncertain owing to the low success rates of functionality of organs developed by bioprinting.


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