The grim reality of constipation prevalence in India.

constipationConstipation is a topic on which people have always been hesitant to talk about. It is considered a taboo to talk about the bowel problem in public. But it is one of the major health concerns now-a-days. What exactly the term ‘constipation’ means? In medical sciences it is a disorder that is characterized by difficult or incomplete defecation.

According to a survey the average population across the globe suffering from chronic constipation is around 10%. But the Indian statistics are a bit shocking. About 14% of the Indians suffer from chronic constipation, higher than the world average!  The Gut-Health Survey conducted a study on 3500 people from 6 cities across the nation. As per the survey Coimbatore has the maximum number of people suffering from chronic constipation (21%), followed by Mumbai (19%), Kolkata and Delhi stand out equal taking occupying the third position (13%), Hyderabad at fourth position (6%) and Lucknow having the least number of sufferers (2%).

These statistics compel us to think of the probable reason, rather reasons, underlying this high prevalence rate. As per a study low fiber diet, hypothyroidism , excess use of laxatives, excess consumption of dairy products are some of the many reasons. But the most common reason is our increasing adaptation of modern day urban lifestyle. Our lives, these days, have become so busy that we seldom get ample time to take our meals , exercise and  take proper care of our health. In order to save time and invest that time in our work to add a few bucks in our account we have taken the instant, short-cut mode of life like taking the elevators rather than a staircase ( in case the office or house is on 4-5 floor of the building) and consuming more and more of packed foods, processed products, junk , oily and spicy foods.The problem aggravates with age, eventually leading to other hazardous ailments like haemorroids, anul fissures, and even strokes. But it is only later in life we realize that those few earned bucks are just being used to pay off the medical bills rather than on planning a vacation, buying a house and on other unfulfilled desires.

It is ,thus, the need of the hour to improvise our lifestyles and include regular exercising and yoga in our daily routine to curb the problem. Also, it is important to come forward and discuss “constipation” problems openly with our dear ones and doctors without any hesitation for an early and timely cure. Eventually, it is for a healthy and active life we all strive for-motions se hi emotions hai and ussi se life in-motion hai!


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